About Our Program


Santa Fe Football’s mission is to help our players become better young men when they graduate and leave than they were when they showed up at Santa Fe as 14-15 year old young men.  This happens in many different ways, but the most prominent way is through our core values.  Also known as CADESCADES is an acronym for Commitment, Accountability, Discipline, Effort and Sacrifice.  We define CADES as follows:

Commitment - Consistency, being consistent in what we do.  

Accountability - Cost + Reward, knowing that the choices we make come with a cost or reward and taking responsibility for both of those outcomes

Discipline - Focus + Execution, being able to focus and execute in difficult, high pressure situations

Effort - 80/20 rule, When our brain starts telling us we are tired, hurting, can’t go anymore, stop.  We have only used 20% of our physical capabilities.  We want to live in the 80% and push past the comfortable with our effort

Sacrifice - We>Me, Do what’s best for the team  

The Pyramid is our blueprint for success in a visual that puts it all together.  We believe all of the levels build upon each other that when done right allows us the opportunity to reach the top and Play 13.