About Our Program

PLAY 13 is our team and program's goal.  

In 6A-1 there are 13 games in order to play in the State Championship.  This goal of Play 13 is a football goal but it is also a way of life goal.  The attributes that it takes for a team to make it to a State Championship are the same attributes that allow you to be successful in life.   Those attributes are all over our pyramid.  Starting with  CADES - commitment, accountability, discipline, effort, and sacrifice. Then learning how to EMBRACE YOUR ROLE, having a great ATTITUDE and giving fanatical EFFORT. These values are on display every day in everyone’s daily lives at home, work, and relationships.  If our players know how to have true commitment, accountability, discipline, effort, and sacrifice, if they embrace their roles, have a no quit attitude, and give great effort daily it allows them to have the opportunity to earn the right to play in state championships and teaches them skills needed to have successful marriages, be a great parent, be a successful employee or employer.  Our #1 job as a coaching staff is to help our players become better young men when they leave Santa Fe then they were when they showed up.  This process starts with CADES & ends with PLAY 13